The information system in the game can be categorized as chat information system and friend system.

Chat Information System
You can see a chat window on the right lower corner of the castle interface of the game.
Chat windows can be categorized as comprehensive chat, guild chat, and personal chat.
The player can click (Comprehensive, Guild, Private Chat) to select way of chatting.
Or make selection on the left lower of the chat window.
For comprehensive chat, you can input sentences in the frame and press “Enter” to send them.
For guild chat, you can chat here with guild members after you create or join the guild.
As for private chat, you can click a name in the comprehensive chatting area to chat with him. If you add him to your friend list, click the right lower side and you will see the name.
Email Information System
You can click the emails below on the big-map interface.
If an email arrives, it will flicker.
Click it and enter the email. You can see that there are (email inbox, player email box, system letter, and email outbox).
Click “View” to view the email.
If you want to delete emails, strike out them in the “Select” column and click “Delete Selected”.
Email inbox: Emails from other players are collected here. Emails which have been read are in white and emails which haven’t been read are in green.
Player email box: You can receive emails from friends or enemies here.
System letter: Here listed the information the system has sent to you.
Click “Write an Email” on the right lower corner to write letters to other players.

Friend System:
You can click friends at the bottom on the big-map interface.
You can see the friend interface.
You can see “Friend” and “Enemy” on the interface.
You can check information of your friends by clicking “Search”
You can add friends or enemies to your list by clicking “Add a Friend” or “Add an Enemy”.
Click “Add a Friend”
You can see the friend interface
Here you can input a name, coordinates and notes to add a friend. (You can do the same thing to add an enemy.)

The friend or enemy will be listed on the friend/enemy interface and it is convenient for you to view the information at any time.
Your friend/enemy will receive an email after you add him, indicating the relation between you and him.




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