Screenshots, Videos, Facebook and more!

Screenshots, Videos, Facebook and more!

Posted by: Arias | 11th August 2009



Hello again! It has been too long since I updated. Heroes of Gaia is progressing smoothly and we are readying ourselves for the closed beta next week. Today we have plenty of new content to update all of you about, so let's roll on.
First off, we are releasing three in-game screenshots of Heroes of Gaia's alpha build that you can see on the left, the home Castle interface, the world map and the battle screen. You can click on them to see larger versions.There are some small display or language problems left to be ironed out but rest assured that the final game will have polished text and flawless presentation.
Secondly, you might notice that there are people chatting in those alpha shots. Yes! We do have a limited test going right now at this moment and you can go right over to BBGsite to get your alpha key. Note that there are less than 200 keys left so you'll have to get there as soon as you can! Please note that this limited test is for us to collect feedback and information, so please do provide us with comments at our official forums.
Third, we have released a trailer video for Heroes of Gaia that you can watch at This 30 second video was released as a TV spot in China and carries some Chinese text, but it's the same good game. Click here to watch! We welcome any of you to take the initiative to put it on to Youtube : )
Finally, we have now got a Facebook community page! If you look at the fourth picture on the left, you will see two booth babes from China Joy 2009, which just happened a few weeks ago in Shanghai. It is China's biggest game convention and we have a lot more photos on our Facebook page with photos of booth babes, a Michael Jackson impersonator, a Starcraft II model and our own Snail Game booth setup at China Joy. Click on the picture or hit this link and join our Facebook community!
We intend to add more communities for Twitter, Myspace and Friendster and they will come in time. Until then, watch this space!




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