Did You Pre-Register?

Did You Pre-Register?
Dear Player,

If you pre-registered for Heroes of Gaia when the website was still a blog, please check your e-mail inbox immediately. We have sent you a closed beta key and instructions to how to begin playing Heroes of Gaia closed beta. Please note that the closed beta has already begun and will last for at least one week.

During this closed beta, we will be holding activities and competitions and you can join us together along with other players to win awesome prizes! To begin playing Heroes of Gaia, go to: and login with your details from the e-mail.

If you have not received our e-mail, please check your spam inbox. If it is not in your inbox or spam inbox, please
contact us immediately. In the meantime, if you have questions or comments or want to just talk to your fellow players, don’t forget to join our player communities at the following hotspots:
Heroes of Gaia Team



Heroes of Gaia is a free
fantasy online game in a world of elves,
magic and dragons.anyone can play!

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