Heroes of Gaia Closed Beta Events List

Heroes of Gaia Closed Beta Events List
Dear Players,
We hope you have been enjoying the closed beta so far! For current beta players, please read our initial announcement concerning daily points distribution and data wipes if you have not done so.
Players who want to get beta keys can get one by joining our official forums, our Facebook community or our Twitter page. Additionally, you can get beta keys at websites who will be shortly distributing our keys like MMOsite, ONRPG and more! Read our announcement on the official site.
Here is full events list for the closed beta:
1.       GUILD RACE
Deadline: August 23rd, 23:59 EST
All players within the top five fame-ranked guilds, except for players with less than 3000 fame, will receive a piece of equipment of similar level to their hero (according to the level of the player’s most powerful hero)and 5 Silver Experience Pills.
Deadline: August 25th, 23:59 EST
We will draw 300 names at random from players over 6000 fame and award each winning player 5 Silver Experience Pills.
·         All players with over 8000 fame will receive 2 Gold experience pills.
·         Players with fame ranks from 51-300 will receive 10 Silver Experience Pills.
·         Players with fame ranks from 1-50 will receive 5 Gold Experience Pills, and 100 lucky chest sets.
Deadline: August 27th, 23:59 EST
·         Players with personal ranks of 51-200 will receive 20 lucky chest sets during the open beta test period.
·         Players with personal ranks of 1-50 will receive 20 lucky chest sets during the open beta test period, 1 hero renaming card, and 1 Hero card box.
Deadline: End of closed beta
We will randomly pick 500 names from players who have spent at least 20 hours online and award each player 20 lucky chest sets and 2 Silver experience pills.
Players’ awards will arrive in their accounts around 3 AM EST the second day after they are given, please remember to refresh your browser when claiming your rewards. The results of this test are the sole property of Snail Game. Snail Game reserves the right to suspend or cancel the event and change the content and/or rules of the event at any time. All updates will be posted as soon as possible on our official website at
Heroes of Gaia Team



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