Guild Race Winners!

Guild Race Winners!
Dear Players,

We have our second winners for the Guild Race event!  All prizes have already been awarded so check
your in-game Mail to collect them!  All of you have done extremely well and special mention goes to        
   Chaewon(Alpha),     Devan2(SYNERGY) ,bhezkhit(+3SS+), Harbinger(ILLUMINATI) and  kawe(0losch)  
The full list is as follows:
Alpha :   JerryBlue ShinRan AeonFluxX Zouave Katsuta AdmiralLuffy Seto Chaewon Espada terrortrax Chegue Zaaruk Dopey TFK_inits Ultima 
Ameri seleniah Sheeba Windlily DeadlyDragon Nefarious Yuran Thannaar rogerius Junsa Shatterstar 
DeadbyNature  Helsing
 SYNERGY: Smooth Lord KneelB4ME Nova Devan2 omgitsme LucaBlight Icy whattt hyt Jade SumDumHo Anna Arakis DECEASE 
Andreas2  Pwnager Akulin Odjin Durahan Ark Vieltal Vitale Midha Athena
+3SS+:    rhye Falling_Snow Wormfog bhezkhit Steinbeck Jaggo Westlife
ILLUMIMATI:  Spacerider Harbinger Olaf Grom
Olosch:    kawe BloodKnight Bettwurst GilGalad
Congratulations to all of you! Read more about all of our closed beta events and make sure to join in for the chance
to earn fabulous rewards and prizes!

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