Daily Points no more, get your new Daily Gifts!

Daily Points no more, get your new Daily Gifts!
Dear Players,
The closed beta has been an exciting opportunity to meet most of you and we have been tweaking the game from the feedback we have received. As part of our testing, we have successfully delivered daily points to our players for the closed beta.
However, beginning today 31 August 2009, there will no longer be any daily points and instead you will receive in-game items daily. This is because we have completed our points testing and are now testing specific in-game items. We hope you understand and rest assured that the daily item gift pack will include the most important items, and that the contents might change on a daily basis.
Please post on the forums or speak to Louis in-game from 10-12 PM EST on weekdays if you have specific requests for the gift pack. Keep an eye out on our official website ( or our forums ( for the latest news on Heroes of Gaia!
Additionally, note that we have posted a September update for all players in the forums. You can read it here.
Heroes of Gaia Dev Team



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