Open Beta Pre-registration

Open Beta Pre-Registration

Dear Players,
Our closed beta has been running for some time now and we thank all of our beta testers for their help and enthusiasm in the game. Our open beta will begin in the next few weeks and we are happy to invite you to pre-register for our open beta.

INSTRUCTIONS *Read Carefully*
For all new players - Pre-register for the open beta and receive a special Early Bird Gift Pack during the open beta worth US$1 for free! Remember to enter your e-mail address correctly because we will need it to assign you your unique Gift code for the pack which can only be used once.
For beta-key testers - You need to (1) Pre-register for open beta and (2) Do an account transfer. We strongly encourage you to register an open-beta account for security reasons. After getting an open beta account, please fill out the transfer form to let us identify your new open beta account to your closed beta account. You will be rewarded with an the Early Bird Pack + exclusive Tester Gift Pack during the open beta as a sign of gratitude for your loyalty!

For existing Snail Game account owners
- If you played in the closed beta, you don't need to do anything! You are rewarded automatically.

Simply click "Register", it works now!

Closed beta users should take our feedback survey and submit bug reports for free gifts in the closed beta!  Feedback    |    Bug Report

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