Final Closed Beta Week Activities

Final Closed Beta Week Activities

Dear Players,
We will be ending the closed beta next week on 15th September 2009, midnight EST. The team has collected plenty of information and we thank all of you testers for helping us make Heroes of Gaia a better game. Here are our activities for Golden Dumpling Week (you will see why it is called such shortly, note that all times are in EST):

Deadline: 8th September, 2359hrs
All players with two castles will receive 3 rice dumplings, and all players with three or more castles will receive 5 rice dumplings.
Deadline: 9th September 2359hrs
All players with fame above 10,000 will receive a 12-hour Diplomacy Card (battle immunity) and one rice dumpling.
Date: 11-13th September 2359hrs
All players who log in on any of these three days will receive a full resource recovery, once a day! Only have 1 unit of Sulfur left? Just log in and you will get your Castle's resource tank to the filled to the brim, as well as two rice dumplings (yes, really!).
Date: 11-13th September 2359hrs
For the weekend, you will enjoy double experience for all battles with monsters and also enjoy HALF training time for all units, all weekend long! Note that training cards will not be effective during this period. And no, unfortunately there will be no rice dumpling for the weekend.

Are you excited? Because we certainly are! How could you not be with double experience and half-time for training, after all we've read all your feedback on our survey (click here to take the survey, which you will be rewarded for!) and we know this is something many of you have been requesting so enjoy!
We will be announcing the open beta date shortly and our line-up of events after the closed beta, so keep an eye out on the official website as usual! Note that you can register for an open-beta account now at and you should read more about it here. Have fun!
Heroes of Gaia Dev Team



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