Weekend Epic Capitol Battles

Weekend Epic Capitol Battles

Dear Players,
         If you've been playing the game for some time you will have noticed these grand castle buildings out in the wild. You might have been wondering, "Can I hit that?" and today we're announcing that, yes you can for this weekend Sept 11-13! 
      X:3700 Y:1200                               X:3700 Y:3700
              X:1200 Y:1200                                                            X:1200 Y:3700

              X:2400 Y:2400

What are Capitol Castles?
         As you might have guessed, these majestic buildings are Capitol Castles and each Kingdom in the world map has one of its own. Each Capitol Castle contains an extremely rare legendary-grade equipment and they also offer very rich resource production and capacity. 
How do we take down a Capitol Castle?
         You will have to do it as a guild. Only when a server has five Level-10 Guilds (which we have already inserted out of convenience) can a server’s players attack a Capitol Castle. The Guild that declares war against the Capitol Castle must be at least Level 10.

What are the rules to take down a Capitol Castle?

1.  Each server has 5 Capitol Castles.
2.  One Capitol Castle can have multiple Guilds declaring war against it.
3.  You can attack the Capitol Castle ONE HOUR after declaring war against it.
4.  The Capitol is manned by computer NPCs, and you will need to go past FOUR gates worth of battles before you proceed into the Inner Castle. If you conquer the Capitol, you will be proclaimed King and claim one piece of legendary equipment unique to that Capitol.
5.  When you attack a player-occupied Capitol Castle, you will need to battle the occupying player's units before proceeding into the Inner Castle and becoming King. You will claim the throne as well as the legendary equipment (the previous owner will lose it).
6.  When a player occupies the Capitol Castle, there is no 5x fame limit to declaring war, and the Diplomacy Cards have no effect. When a current King is dethroned, all the Capitol Castle’s building levels and resources are reset to zero.

Alright, so when can I take over these Capitol Castles?
         You can attack these Capitol Castles ONLY during specified times. That time is currently 4PM-12 Midnight (1600-2359hrs) daily, and you will have to wait one hour after declaration of war.
Enough said. Get going! Don't forget to pre-register for the open beta by clicking on "Register" at, and if you're a closed beta tester you have to transfer your account. Read all about it here:

Heroes of Gaia Dev Team

Heroes of Gaia Dev Team



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