Surprise! Buy Your Lucky Chests Today!

Surprise! Buy Your Lucky Chests Today!

Dear Players,

The Team has reviewed our player feedback and we have decided to release the Lucky Chest Set in the Shop today, once server maintenance is complete! Each purchase comes with one Lucky Chest and one Master Key, allowing you to receive your prize without additional work.

What you get from the Lucky Chest depends on your luck and you may receive some incredible items from it! All of the items inside the Lucky Chest are incredibly important to the building of a Castle and we recommend that you use them wisely. While some players may receive good cards like 300 unit resource cards, Yellow-grade equipment and so forth, you also stand a chance to receive rare and valuable cards like:

l  High-level resource cards (5,000 Ore; 10,000 Gold etc.)

l  Acceleration cards that can Speed Up your building construction by hours!

l  Incredibly valuable Experience Pills that boost your Hero’s level and make them stronger, faster, and more intelligent for your Kingdom’s expansion!

l  Extremely rare Purple-grade Equipment that will boost your Hero’s stats significantly and turn them into powerful Generals of your army!

Some of you have noted that the current items in the Shop boost percentage production and have requested for items boosting your resources in absolute numbers and we have responded with an item that allows you to do that – and win much, much more! You may be looking to get only 300 Lumber but end up with a Purple-grade sword that allows you to defeat that player who has been constantly attacking you!

The Lucky Chest will go on sale in the Store today at 5 Points per item, go grab yours today!

Heroes of Gaia Team

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